It happens. Cause I want it.
Marina Fedoseeva. Photographer. Cameraman. Director.

I work not only in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg but in other cities and countries also. Planning a honeymoon just imagine for a second that it’s wiser to make a shooting in beautiful places instead of the ugly registry offices rooms. I like to travel very much and it’s not a problem for me to adjust my routes of movement around the globe to make an unforgettable most beautiful shooting in your life! =)

A documentary about Tibetan people

We have a great deal of material regarding this film and have the option to choose among several scripts and that fully depends on the budget which we'll be having. That is why we are searching for sponsors to have a high quality post-production. We were wondering if we could find any help to get our film on TV, to get a grant for production, etc.
The trailer of our film is in Videography. Our contacts are in description.
Thank you for help!